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Der PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V. ist eine Interessensgemeinschaft von PHP-Enthusiasten. Unser Ziel ist es, Wissen rund um PHP und Softwareentwicklung im Allgemeinen aufzubauen und zu teilen. Egal ob erfahrene Entwickler/innen, Studenten/innen oder Freiberufler/innen, jeder ist willkommen und kann sich einbringen. Wir veranstalten regelmäßig Meetups, organisieren uns für Ausflüge zu Workshops und besuchen gemeinsam Konferenzen.

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PHP Developer Days 2018

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  • Den PHP Usergroups, die uns unterstützten
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PHP Developer Days 2018: 21. und 22. September

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Meetup II - OpenID Connect am 26. Februar 2019

Tyclipso, Grundstr. 1, 01326 Dresden

Programm / Program

  • 18:30 (06:30pm) - Doors Open

  • 19:00 (07:00pm) - Usergroup and Host Intro

  • 19:30 (07:30pm) - OpenID Connect (Lightning Talk)

    Langauge: German

    Man findet sie auf vielen Webseiten, die Login-Möglichkeiten über Google, Facebook oder Twitter. Der Vortrag geht kurz auf die dahinterliegenden Technologien und Protokolle OpenId Connect, OAuth, JWT und JWKS ein und wie die Integration für den Dienst SwissId realisiert wurde.

    By Frank Hönisch ( @frankTTDD)

    Chefentwickler Backend bei

  • 20:00 (08:00pm) - Short break

  • 20:15 (08:15pm) - Make Migration of Legacy Code Fun Again - from Years to Weeks (Lightning Talk)

    Language: English

    By Tomáš Votruba ( @votrubaT)

    Learn faster, earn better money and work on projects that are meaningful to you. I help programmers to unlock their inner powers, start believing in themselves and becoming 200 % productive with less wasted energy.

  • 20:45 (08:45pm) - Short break

  • 21:00 (09:00pm) - Business Metrics with PHP, Prometheus, Grafana & more (Lightning talk)

    Language: German or English

    We will show you how quick you can bring up a prometheus & grafana setup using docker(-compose) and how you can use PHP to feed it with business metrics from your applications and why you should do so. We will also mention other data sources and alerting APIs.

    By Michael Grundkötter ( @Grundi2) - CEO & Developer at ujamii smart solutions

    and Holger Woltersdorf ( @hollodotme) - CIO at FORTUNE SOLUTIONS

  • 21:30 (09:30pm) - Communiy & Socializing

Vergangene Events

Meetup I - CTF & Security am 14. Januar 2019

Was hab ich?, Theaterstr. 4, 01067 Dresden


    How to defend against XSS in 2019 because manually calling htmlspecialchars() is so 90s. We'll talk about templating engines, XSS Filters, Content Security Policy and more.

    By Michal Špaček ( @spazef0rze)

  • What the flag is CTF? (Main Talk)

    Since 2011 Mallle's CTF-Team Eat, Sleep, Pwn, Repeat organizes a Capture the Flag contest for people at Chaos Communication Congress and from all over the world, where over a thousand teams are competing every year who's getting the most points from captured flags.

    In this talk, he will give you a short overview about what a CTF is, the challenges, the players, the community and how much fun it is to play. After a short introduction of the different topics from reverse engineering, binary exploitation, over crypto(graphy) to web(-security) tasks he will show some of the web-challenges from this year's junior contest and solve them in a live-hacking session.

    So you can get an idea what you are up to when you decide to play, getting a closer look into web issues and see how to solve our challenges even if you never played a CTF before.

    By Mallle ( @eatsleeppwnrpt)

Meetup VIII - GitLab Pipeline & PHP 7.3 am 17. Dezember 2018

move:elevator, Königsbrücker Str. 76, 01099 Dresden

  • GitLab Pipeline mit Codeception (Main Talk)

    By Roland Golla ( @nevercodealone)

  • What's new in PHP 7.3 (Lightning Talk)

    By Holger Woltersdorf ( @hollodotme)

Meetup VII / 2018 - Static Code Analysis & Codeception am 12. November 2018

CHECK24, Prager Straße 2b, 01069 Dresden

  • Testing with Codeception: Full-stack PHP testing framework (Main talk)

    Codeception is a PHP testing framework for Behavior Driven Development, which covers all kinds of tests: unit tests, functional tests and acceptance tests. It is fast and simple in both usage and execution. This talk will give you a introduction to the software testing basics using codeception. It will also cover some stumbling blocks when writing tests, like:

    • Test code stability against small changes
    • Data stability
    • Test structure

    Last but not least I will give you a short outlook how to make your tests also understandable for product owners.

    By Susann Sgorzaly ( @susann_sg)

    Watch the slides at Slideshare

  • Static Code Analysis in PHP (Main talk)

    The type system and static code analysis can help us find bugs in our code in a early phase without writing explicit tests. I'll show you the requirements for your code to get the most of static analysis as well as the tools to get you started.

    By Benjamin Cremer ( @benjamincremer)

    Watch the slides


FORTUNEGLOBE, Schützenplatz 14, 01067 Dresden

This event is about creating pull requests in open-source projects on GitHub. No matter what project or language, everyone is welcome, everyone can contribute.

All information about HACKTOBERFEST can be found here:

Meetup VI / 2018 - GIT & Generators am 22. August 2018

CHECK24, Prager Straße 2b, 01069 Dresden

  • Mastering git – Insights & Tips & Tricks (Main talk)

    Git is a powerful source code management system and became the de facto standard for open source projects over the last couple of years. A lot of us are using it every day but are only scratching the surface of its potential. During this talk I will show you some git best practices, demystify some of its power features and share some tips and tricks from beginner to expert level.

    By the Sebastian Feldmann ( @movetodevnull)

    Watch the slides

  • Marvelous Agents of Yield (Main talk)

    Generators and thus yield are part of PHP since version 5.5. Most of the time it is used as a substitution for a full iterator implementation. But there is way more power to generators! This talk will try to unveil the hidden superpowers of interruptible loops, signals and corporative multitasking. Coincidental movie analogies included.

    By Holger Woltersdorf ( @hollodotme)

    Watch the slides on SpeakerDeck


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Holger Woltersdorf

Holger Woltersdorf

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Marcel Führer

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Patrick Pächnatz

Patrick Pächnatz

Tommy Mühle

Tommy Mühle

Sandro Keil

Sandro Keil

Ralf Junghanns

Ralf Junghanns

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Alexander Hippe


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